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August 5, 2017 in Podcast, Role Models, SuperInvestor

Ep029: John Lee Dumas – SuperInvestor on Fire

We are honored to have a podcast legend on our show: No other than John Lee Dumas the founder & host of the top ranked podcast Entrepreneurs On FIRE. John is…

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July 26, 2017 in Discussions, Experts, Podcast

Ep028: Bruce Miller – Dividend Income in Retirement

Today, we discuss the advantages and challenges of an income only approach for your portfolio. It’s still possible to have a portfolio generate 4% or more with a well-selected collection…

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July 22, 2017 in Case Studies, Experts, Podcast, Role Models, SuperInvestor

Ep027: Travis Jamison – Capital Allocator in the making

Travis Jamison is a serial entrepreneur and CEO of Supremacy SEO and founder of Moat Ventures. Travis is a legend in his industry, but he is also the perfect case study how…

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Meet Our Team

A team of financial experts dedicated to independent investing and performance.

Angela Matthews Profile

Angela Matthews

Financial Expert

Angela Matthews is the Founder and Marketing Director of the Happy Investor Method, a movement to teach everyday people the art of investing. With a reputation for being a thought leader in the space of Investing and Entrepreneurship, Angela has a mastered the art of growth hacking to achieve direct results and recently launched a digital course called the “5 Day Investing Boot Camp”. Angela has been a self- taught investor for over 9 years. She originally learned her techniques while working at Goldman Sachs and digital agencies.
David Schneider Profile

David Schneider

Research Analyst & Author

The author of the bestselling book The 8020 Investor on Amazon in Wealth Management, David Schneider trained as a commercial banker in Germany and studied finance at London Metropolitan University. He concurrently worked as an Asset Management Trainee and continued as an Equity Research Associate in Tokyo, Japan, where he also studied at Waseda University School of Commerce. He co-founded two Equity Hedge Funds and has published three books on investing.

Currently, he is based in Tokyo, Japan, touring the world for new research projects and writing for his research firm Schneider R&I.

For a detailed Biography visit my LinkedIn profile. You can contact me via e-mail or Twitter.

Nathan Rose

Angel Investor & Author

Nathan Rose is the Director of Assemble Advisory, a leading agency for alternative finance. He lives in Tbilisi, Georgia, and has a strong interest in history, philosophy, technology trends and global citizenship. Nathan is the author of the best selling book: Equity Crowdfunding.``

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