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The 8020 Investing Show is for all individuals interested in learning more about investing and all its facets, dangers and opportunities. We will discuss the topics of investing, general money management and lifestyle choices. Subscribe and never miss an episode.
David Schneider Profile

David Schneider

Author of the bestselling book The 80/20 Investor on Amazon in Wealth Management. Based in Tokyo, he often tours the world for new research projects and interviews for the podcast. He loves reading non-fiction and he is an avid listener of podcasts himself.

Angela Matthews

Angela Matthews is the Founder and Marketing Director of the Happy Investor Method, a movement to teach everyday people the art of investing.  Angela has been a self- taught investor for over 9 years. She originally learned her techniques while working at Goldman Sachs and digital agencies.

Angela Matthews Profile

Nathan Rose

Nathan Rose is the Director of Assemble Advisory, a leading agency for alternative finance. He lives in Tbilisi, Georgia, and has a strong interest in history, philosophy, technology trends and global citizenship. Nathan is the author of the best selling book: Equity Crowdfunding.”

Rene Schaum

Rene is the technology expert of the team. He researches and closely follows any trends worthwhile for investing or just interesting to know. He is crazy about collecting electronic gadgets and he is the typical person tinkering with his toys in his “semi-private” workshop at home.

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